A Home for Old age women in distress was inaugurated on 14.08.2015 at Sahyog Village Centre at Dugdugia Khunti Jharkhand. The New initiative is the outcome of the keen interest and dedicated efforts initiated by Mrs Hina Goyal Trustee MCKS Food for Hungry Foundation Delhi during one of her visit to the Organisation at Sahyog Village Khunti. MCKS is funding the entire project and Sahyog Village feel proud to be associated with such a wonderful organization and also a blessed soul in Mrs Hina Goyal
The Project is a different kind as it is not an normal Old Age Home. The Home has admitted only those Old age women who are at the fag end of their life, no body to take care of them, no hope from any quarter, but having a fundamental right for a decent and respectful farewell from this world. Hence the Project is named SAMMAN.
The Ribbon cutting was done by Sri Lal Singh Kureel District Social Welfare Officer Khunti in the benign presence of Child Welfare Committee Chairperson Khunti Sri Manoj Rai, Child Protection Officer Khunti Sri Samimuddin Ansari . Also Present were Founder Sahyog Village Dr.Manjeet, Director Sahyog Village Sri Vijay Kumar Jai ,Sri ILtaf Khan , Jaswinder Singh, Sosan Purti , Dhirendra Tyagi Prabha Tete

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