We are running three children’s home in the States of Jharkhand and Odisha . Care and Protection is being given to more than 150 children.

Best Standards are being maintained in all the three Children Homes.

The First Children Home was established in December 2004 at Birmitrapur, Distt Sundergarh, Odisha .It is spread over one acre of land.

The other two are at Simdega And Khunti, in Jharkhand.


Alongside the children’s home, we also maintain homes for women in difficult circumstances at Khunti, Simdega and Biramitrapur with temporary shelter and protection.

We arrange for their skill development training for income generation and financial literacy.


With firm belief that full and harmonious development is possible only in a stable family set up, we try to place each child without a family in alternate family through legal adoption.

This is the most preferred form of rehabilitation for children without families which leads to permanency planning and provide enabling environment for the child to enjoy the rights and privileges of a parent-child relationship.

Children are given for adoption following the procedure defined under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) act 2000 and its Amendment Act 2006 and Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children 2011 notified by Government of India.

To place the children in adoption within the Country, the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Jharkhand has accorded recognition to our branch at Khunti as a Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) as per the provisions of the JJ Act. In addition to this the Central Adoption Resource Authority, Government of India has accorded recognition as Recognised Indian Placement Agency (RIPA) to our branch at Khunti for doing inter-country adoption for children who are not placed in adoption within the Country despite best possible efforts.

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This is CRPF sponsored programme for empowerment of women and girls. The Program was started in the year 2011 in Odisha ( Birmitrapur Centre), and has since been expanded to Khunti , Chaibasa and Manoharpur. The Program envisages training to tribal girls and women to get employement as Security Guards. The young women undergo a 2 Month training before they are placed in various establishments.

The Program has till date has been responsible in getting employment to 120 young women from the remotest areas of Saranda , Khunti, Arki and Rania.

Health Sub-centre

The Rabindra Nath Neogi Health-Sub-center at Khunti, Jharkhand provides free Medical Health check-ups for local Community. It also periodically runs awareness campaigns on preventive measures for maintaining good health.